Monday, July 19, 2010

Mexico City, Mexico: Round UP

I'm back from another great stay in Mexico City. Our November trip was 100% manic but this round was very relaxing. Diné and I had seen the sights already so there was no checklist pressure, plus the rain and our cozy accommodations at Stella's dad's house for the second half of the week provided less incentive to run around.

As mentioned earlier, Diné, Emily, Wade, and I spent the first part of our visit zipping around with Suyapa, ACORN International's Mexico City organizer. We met with the Research Director of Universidad Obrera de Mexico to talk about remittances and cross-boarder labor (Wade's blog gives a MUCH better explanation). We went to the megaslum of Nezahualcoyotl, just outside of the Federal District, to check out idea's for prospective campaigns (again I defer to Wade). I shamefully drank a lot of Coke. We also went to a fancy fresa dinner party with some kind friends of Emily!

Diné and I soon caught up with Stella and her cousin and relocated from the centro to Papa Giblas' vine-covered apartment in the Benito Juarez neighborhood, not too far from our old Roma spot. I would like to reiterate that I am excellent at navigating the DF subway system and also have a knack for ubication so we were able to schlep around the city with few opportunities for getting lost. Emily and Diné got haircuts from our dear (blowin' up) homies at Goodbye Folk in Roma. Stella, Dine, and I finally made it to a Lucha Libre match at Arena Mexico. Stella and I bought some magic charms at Mercardo Sonora but avoided buying the decapitated goat talisman. Our old friend Ercilia from the Buenos Aires days came from her current post at an ONG in San Miguel de Allende to hang for a few days. We watched the World Cup finals at La B in Coyocan. Ercilia and I spent about 72 hours parading around a picture of Diego "mi rey" Maradona. We revisited some Zona Rosa haunts but the vacation was fairly tame on the whole, save one wild antro night with my homegirl Alejandra (remind me to bush up on my gay club anthems beforehand next time).

I of course took a ton of vid footage to make something pretty. In the mean time here are a few memories:

Nancy's birthday party

Ercilia gives a lesson on how to make agua de jamaica

Delicious quesadillas!

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