Friday, July 23, 2010

28th Annual BirthdayFest

Hey, remember this birthday?! We beat it!

Our SF posse surprised Laura with an adventure picnic day at the strange and mysterious Albany Bulb. We ate delicious snacks, toasted our dear friend several times, mazel tov'd three of my champagne flutes (grr!), and explored the sights of the Bulb. I don't feel like waxing about it right now so I will just share the vid:

Laura ('s grandma) treated a house full of guests to ice cream and keg at Treat Suite at night. There were Gunther colored balloons - a popular target for the sparklers and firecrackers - and all types of science experiments. The night was a fine example of keep it local = keep it awesome.

photos by Haus Julia, probably taken with an iphone app.

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