Monday, July 21, 2008

Guerilla Pictures in Motion

Print by Martyna; C.C.C

projection; (above photos+film gracias a Karl Dotter)

JennSu and some pals hosted a sneak movie screening in Golden Gate Park on Friday. Roomie and I biked to the Haight for dinner/drinks then caught Elana and Katie before Hasel&Greteling our way though the park.

The directions were vague but we eventually found the horseshoe area which was by then filled with about sixty spectators awaiting the show. Jenn and co. had a screen and projector set up on the south side of the area so that the audience could sit on the varied levels of the terrain that borders the horseshoe park. Everybody ran into everybody they knew - a familiar cast of the SF/Oakland characters who do this kind of weird, word-of-mouth stuff. We opened up show on Roomie's hippy blanket and hung out until dusk passed.

After dark Nat Baldwin and the Extra Life provided improvised musical accompaniment to the short films on loan courtesy of Canyon Cinema, a film distributor geared toward the "experimental and avant-garde film making movement from the 1930s to the present." Truth be told, this is not my favorite genre nor can I say that I had not caught some z-z-z by the end of the second reel. I cannot lie!

Everyone packed up at the end of the show and we all poured out onto Stanyan and disappeared (back into the Mission) into the night.

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