Monday, July 21, 2008

Ambassador of NorCal: Bolinas, CA

Surfers; Germ

Playing horseshoes (Locals: 12, Outoftowners: 0)

Roomie and I accompanied Laura on her weekly pilgrimage to the Gods of the Ocean (aka Sunday Surfing) in Bolinas yesterday. We ended up kicking it with a motley crew of ten local dudes and one lady as they engaged in their own Sunday ritual: tallboys, etc on the beach. We were won over for a few hours by their poetry, kind hospitality, and steel stomachs (one fellow named "Germ" ate a seagull feather to our delight). Laura got some quality surf time in and Roomie and I ate fish sandwiches.

I have a lot to say about this but I must get to the airport!

As per wikipedia:
Bolinas, California is an unincorporated community in Marin County, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located along the coast and accessible only via sometimes unmarked roads, Bolinas is perhaps best known for its reclusive residents; historically, any road signs pointing the way into town on Highway One have invariably been torn down by local residents

You get the idea.


Daniela said...

i bet you were the one who dreamed up the seagull feather as a comestible idea ;)

erin story geld said...

viva la daytrip!

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

Believe it or not - it was completely unsolicited!

Katie Lerin said...

Not only did 'Germ' find delight in slurping up his beer via a found feather straw, but he also found the moldy strawberries quite savory. Germ, you're a gem.