Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notes from Cuba: Slowly Getting There

It's taken me a while to get to this, half on account of the accumulation of life's daily responsibilities, half due to the information overload that I am still trying to process from the trip. There is so much to say – how could I possibly take this ADD and make it sit? How can I fit all of my “I’ve got something to say!!” into a lame little post?? Oh, how prose wrestles with emotion. Et voilà: good news/bad news! I am now procrastinating my Tease-O-Rama application that is due on Thursday so it looks like this entry happening after all. Bear with me.

Girls running to the karate recital in Cental Havana, Havana City

Buildings in Barrio Chino, Havana City

Salsa! at camp in Caimito

Havana City

Kids at House of Culture in Jibacoa, Santa Clara

Old Cars (there are new ones too) in Havana City

Making textbooks in Santa Clara Province

Abel and his band playing at Jazz club in Havana

Protest in Buffalo at US-Canada Boarder

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