Sunday, June 27, 2010

Berkeley, CA: Gold Soundz

Pete, Phillip, and I met up with my favorite DJ Jamie Jams and the Knockout crowd at Casanova on Friday night and took the BART to Berkeley for the Pavement show (!!!!!) at the Greek Theater. We met up with Hyphie and made our way to the edge of the bleachers for the best view over the standing pit. THE SHOW WAS MAGICAL!! I WISH I WERE THERE AGAIN RIGHT NOW. Malkmus and the band were as well-rehearsed as ever - every song was spot on. They played a great mix of tunes and the set was super long. The set design was simple and dreamy. The Greek was enchanting (it was packed but apparently not sold out - made me feel like an idiot for purchasing my ticket 5 min. after the pre-sale opened in January!!!!!!). Everyone I've ever met in the Bay Area was standing somewhere out there in the crowd. I pretty much cried and hollered the whole time. This music is super sentimental for me. It's the o.g. soundtrack from high school through college until now. I was freaking out so hard Phillip had to tell me to calm down for the sake of the dudes next to us.

I had big plans for a big vid where I was going to interview a ton of fanboys and fangirls about the show but I was honestly so enthralled with the tunez that I could only muster a few clips from the set (you can hear me drooling on the audio).

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