Monday, June 7, 2010

New York, NY: Always Raving

Shrimp, Lauren, Kati, and I met Machine aka Brolan at one of his homie's parties in the downstairs room of Gallery Bar on my last night in town (morning of departure). At first I was skeptical because I HATE house music but then it got late and the resident DJ made it c-c-c-crunk. It was like being at a rad show in SF except 20 ZILLION TIMES BETTER because there were ZERO Burners there - only normal, all-walks-of-life New Yorkers (not even LES-ers) getting funky. Also! What a coincidence that the guest DJ was 94110.

Shrimp and I closed the party then took our sweet little time getting back to Lauren's. My best friend found out she missed her AM flight back to SF after 2 hours on the A train to JFK. Ouch. Party on!

Gap '93 Resort

Last I checked Doomberg sez no P-funks indoors starting 4/03. Eh-hem



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