Monday, June 28, 2010

I Left My Heart in San Francisco (How to Make Stick and Poke Tattoo Part I)

Let the countdown begin: I am moving to New Orleans in five weeks. While am super excited to get rolling on my life's next adventure I sure am feeling sad about leaving this great city and all of my wonderful friends here.

Laura accepted my request for a stick and poke tattoo and we finally got down to doing it. It's a small heart above the "birthmark" on my right forearm - a tender token to remember my 2.5 years of Mission living. This was the first stick and poke for both of us. Laura poked the whole thing free hand (no pens!) over the course of an hour. It didn't hurt at all since I used to be a cutter (har har har)!

I shot a more thorough instructional vid with Laura and Hyphie this week. It's still "rendering" so I leave you with the "how to" of mine for now:

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