Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Millerton, NY: How to Glam Camp in the Country

We spent Memorial Day weekend glam camping at Sasha's country house in Millerton, New York. Having moved through a zillion apartments in my life, it's really the only land in the world with which I have any continuity. Sasha and I used to come up for the weekend when we were kids to frolic around in the fields. It became the site of our summer parties as we grew into teenage degenerates.

This year's opening weekend upheld the Millerton tradition: I think we maxed out at 17 bodies sleeping in the guest house with a few Boston dudes in a tent outside plus whomever else crashed in the main house. I pretty much boogied for 36-hours straight only stopping to kick Tyler's ass in a heated game of lawn tennis and for an occasional dip in the pool. We iced bros and had massive bonfire. The Source Vol. 2 and like music was on heavy rotation. Darby and co. prepared multi-course candlelit feasts for 30. We kept it pretty glamorous despite the odds (elements! bros! sloppiness! "root"!) against us. Everyone loved (or hated!) the tambo by the end of the weekend.

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