Monday, April 14, 2008

NY, NY: I Dream of Congé: Five Year Highschool Reunion

Phillip and I took the red eye into Friday morning and spent the day hauling the vestiges of his New York life out of a Sheepshead Bay storage unit. By nightfall I was exhausted but too easily seduced with the prospects of homecoming to stay home. I met Lauren, Ales, Allegra and Margot at Sasha's new apartment (Sasha was still at the billionaire barbecue in Crawford, Texa$) and we went out dancing until late.

Saturday morning we headed over to 91st Street around noon just as Mass ended in time for the wine reception in the newly rechristened theater. Sleep deprived and hungover, I was first overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety that echoed the dread of detentions and the cool wrath of Madame Teran. Once I saw familiar faces I felt at home again - 22 out of the 40-odd girls from my graduating class turned out. Our grade was pretty closely knit, despite expected friend-groups.

After the reception we moved to the ballroom for the luncheon. On the walk from the Kahn to the Burden Mansion I had the opportunity to look at the beautiful architecture with new eyes. Schleping across the Park each day to face a day of torturous classes and team sports really clouded my appreciation for the place. Not to mention the fact that they've spruced it up quite a bit since graduation (new upholstery everywhere.) The luncheon too was lovely. In fact, it was the loveliest meal I've ever eaten in my school: three courses and bottomless wine served by waiters in white jackets. Schnazzy!!

We walked to Dorian's en masse after lunch. Dorian's is a bar usually reserved for preppy assholes but with the big group it was really fun. We stayed for a couple of hours, chatting, catching up. A bunch of us went over to Sasha's after the bar for a little rest before hitting the town until daybreak.

It was really great to see everyone all in one place. It was refreshing to see that no one has changed. I look back on my years at Sacred Heart fondly. Despite a few flaws (Why were so many teachers alcoholics? Why was Nicky Hilton always sleeping in the library? What was this school's obsession with skits??), it provided a nurturing environment which shaped much of my present self. I can think of few other circumstances where I have conned my biology teacher into making 1000 fliers for a "US out of Colombia" rally or rescheduled my AP History exam to attend a NOW march in DC. Sacre Coeur, you'll always be my "trés bien..."

The chapel; architecture

Alicia, Ruby, Lauren Liz; Allegra, Ales, Regan, Lauren

The ballroom, Class of 1958

Table; Katie, Allegra, Katie

The rotunda (Manhattan's only elliptical staircase); "No smoking in uniform"

Ales, Lauren, Claire; Julia and Lauren

Grainne, Ruby, Katie; Kim and Sam

Katherine and Nazli; Alicia and Katie

UWS; manual focus

Tran get your cigarette out of my picture; the night ends well for Katie

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