Friday, April 25, 2008


I've put my Etsy endeavor on hold on account of the fact that I can't stop giving away all of my flower hair clips (the moichandise!) This hasn't kept my glue gun from getting dusty: between all of the new costumes and pro bono flowers there is work to be done! Additionally, the April/May issue of Bust just pointed me to the fantastic online textile vendor Reprodepot Fabrics where I've purchased yards of the following drool-worthy cloth:

I plan to make a few pillows as well as a curtain for the pantry so that I can finally wash the dishes desnuda without the eyes of our neighbor Bob.


Daniela said...

Bob has caught me in strange naked situations before, too. ;)

I have yet another pro bono flor that I need you to fix! :(

Daniela said...

PS: people are starting to catch onto the flower in hair trend, i noticed at coachella. what will we do stay fresh and not wilt under the soon-to-come urban outfitters window display?