Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Act! Hot Off the Press!!

Last night I debuted my bearded lady dance at The Hubba Hubba Review at the Uptown Club in Oakland. I will be performing the name piece next Wednesday at the Stage Werx Theater in San Francisco.

The song: Nothing Like a Dame sung by Sammy Davis Jr.
The concept: Bearded lady reveals her hairy chest!

a big hairy THANK YOU to all of my friends for hauling out to the 510 for the show!


houndstoothy said...

hells yeah lady!
way to shake it!

Daniela said...

you were marvelously glorious. or gloriously marvelous. ya know!

Larry Farmsworth said...

there is nothing like YOU in the world

Masha said...

Wish I could see this live you awesome burlesque thang!