Monday, April 28, 2008


Phillip and I spend Friday night getting belligerent with Jessica and Xande at a gallery opening in Oakland and devoted the rest of the weekend recovering at Dolores Beach.

Sunday evening I met up with a bunch of the Burlesqueteers plus some others to celebrate Erin's birthday. We rode a catamaran around the bay through sunset. The views were spectacular but it was incredibly windy. The real reason why my photos are sub par given the grandeur of the scene is explained by the difficulty in balancing a bulking SLR in one hand while steadying a glass of white wine in the other.

Upon docking we eat desserts in North Beach and then I met up with Heather and Rick/Gary at the Waterbar, the most glamorous drinking hole in SF yet.

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Phillip said...

That looks really pretty. We'll have to organize a sailing trip this summer with a bunch of people... GIVE ME MORE BUNNIES!!