Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back East

Tonight I was back in the East Bay (last night we were in Alameda for Jessica's birthday) to meet with some of the brigadistas to go over the details of our delegation to Cuba.

After our meeting I met with JennSu and her friend Martina. We ate hand cut noodles in Oakland's Chinatown, hung out at her eco co-op, and made many plans for the future (see twitter.) I am particularly looking forward to the West Coast renaissance of Delicious Beverages, which some readers may recall from her Brooklyn days. Look for its symbol (d.b.) on a bicycle spoke near you.


theodoreunit said...

thats an awesome logo, what is it?

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

silk screen on the back of a beer coaster (they are apparently pretty water resistant)

theodoreunit said...

yeah but what is it; whats the db about? incidentally, royal blue is my favorite color