Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Los Angeles, CA: Union Thugs

On Monday my boss Kelly and I flew down to LA for the day for more union vs. union activity. In addition to all of the drama that has been stewing between UHW and the International, SEIU is also feuding with California Nurses Association (you can read about some of the depressing details here, here, here, and here.) The only redeeming element to the operation was our rental car, an electric blue PT Cruiser.

We spent the afternoon in one of our hospitals flyering and talking to nurses at shift change. CNA is trying to raid SEIU nursing units citing some random LA County law that allows workers a month-long window to file decertification petitions every couple of years. We received positive feedback from most of the nurses. The residents too seemed mildly interested in the issue. While CNA will only be running the decert campaign for the next few weeks they will be continuing an anti-SEIU campaign through the 2009 contract negotiations. Come on!

Before heading back to LAX Alex and I feted his birthday (April 13th folks - let it be known!) at a corny luau-themed restaurant. I am sad to report that neither of us ordered the Hawaiian steak dinner (spam.)

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