Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend in Review aka Trying Out My New Lazy Girl's Format or How I Reverted into a Dirtbag Blog Post Format

- Phillip's chau TokBox party at 500 Club
- Shitty gallery opening, vegan bratwurst and a ton of bars with Laura and Roomie

- Dolores Park
- Drool-worthy dinner party
- Crazy party at an artist collective that involved:
a. A "sound room" for sitting in made of the viscera of four pianos. Ideal for joint passing, toe sucking
b. Tartric yoga (Note: Pete asked a resident if the place was a yoga studio. A resident replied that is is "more of a movement studio.")
c. Costumes: hair dye, mannequin limbs, masks, carousel horses

Ruby, Ben, Erin

- Arts & crafts with Phillip (He, a paper mache mobile; I, a hair wreath and a prop crow pin)
- Ice cream and a really bad movie with Dani and Erin

1 comment:

erin story geld said...

That picture is the BEST

im drilling a hole in petes chete, you're fondling yourself with a mannequin hand, he's wearing a centurion hat.

no matter my east/west conflicts, i love sf for shit like this.