Saturday, December 29, 2007


Phillip and I spent the afternoon at the SFMOMA, checking out all the visiting exhibits and saving the perm collection for another time. The Olafur Eliasson exhibit "Take Your Time" was certainly the most engaging exhibit (see photos), closely followed by the massive light-boxed photographs of Jeff Wall's gallery. My favorite was the charming and beautiful Joseph Cornell exhibit, "Navigating the Imagination." I often referenced Cornell during the days of AP Studio Art (blegh!) and have many memories of visiting his few pieces in the perm collection at the MOMA.

Cornell is among my favorite artists, as are Barbara Kruger, Barton Lidice Benes, and Anthony Giocolea, whom I 411-ed and left a voice mail for the second I the massive print of his "Morning After" at the 2003 Whitney Biennial. In the game of Fantasy Higher Ed I would have liked to include coursework devoted to modern art (and perhaps some Spanish grammar!). Back in reality I can just drool over "Spiritual America" from the screen of my computer. And get myself to the SFMOMA more often.

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Pete said...

Hey, no pictures in the f%#@ing MOMA! But nice pictures.