Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cindy Sheehan

Yesterday I went to the Bike Kitchen in an alleyway somewhere on Mission and 8th to assist (er, watch) Pete change his busted inner tube. The place's teach-a-man-to-fish philosophy is pretty sweet and there are about a dozen Wes Hannahs running around working on different bikes.

The headquarters for Cindy Sheehan for Congress is on the corner of the Kitchen alleyway. We were standing outside there were a bunch of people hanging out in front of her building when I spotted Cindy. I ran over for an obligitory photo-op but I couldn't shake her hand because it was covered in bike grease (!)

One of the mechanic dudes said that before Sheehan for Congress opened up shop that location used to be a strip club. We had a little chuckle about politicians.

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