Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Rosa, CA: Day 1

I thought I had seen my last of the low-end motorist hospitality industry the day I said peace out! to Local 6. Wrong. I write this post to you from the majestic polyester ground-level standard room at the Best Western Garden Inn in Santa Rosa, California. The moment I checked in I was overcome with flashbacks of chasing down awol HEAT Captains in poorly-it hallways of the pay-per-hour Kew Motor Inn. I could almost feel the amphetamines/aspartame pulsing through my veins. I am so thankful that I don't get to crawl around looking for the perverted engineers lurking in the sub sub basement of this joint. Truth be told, I was going to stay at the charming Flamingo Resort and Spa of Santa Rosa but in the interest of our "members money" and their no pets policy, I took my pooch and went with the cheepeazz choice.

Me and Lu at the Best West

In other news, the first of my meetings up here went pretty well. I was kinda nervous because its been a while since I've addressed an intense membership group alone, and I've never done so under such high stakes before. Zoiks, union life!

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