Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cover This: One hit wonders? Nay, nay!

After spending a romantic Friday night trekking up to Berkeley to see, uh, Salò, Phillip and I wanted a little something different for our Saturday: The Church of the SubGenius presents Mongoloid-A-Palooza. What is this, you might ask? Two Devo cover bands and an only-Devo spinning DJ. We got to the venue just after the headliner, Mongoloid, started its set. I am not much of a Devo fan, but Phillip, who came clad in yellow dish washing gloves a la Jacko Homo, said they were really good at running a show for a crowd of Devo-tees. The looniest part was the hard-core, completely un-ironic cast of Devo-tees of the "clown car variety" who came out in full costume - most were men and women in their early 40s wearing Spice Girl shoes and light fetish wear.

Not half bad.

As far as the cover band experience goes, I preferred the event we caught at the Knockout in July entitled "The Dark Side of the Uke." It was a night of Pink Floyd songs from the aforementioned album played on the ukulele to wide-screen projection of the Wizard of Oz.

Man, San Francisco really loves this stuff - Pete just went to a Phishfry on Phriday!

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