Friday, December 14, 2007

pit stop in petaluma, animal style

Lu and I are new to the west coast and are totally clueless about west coast culture. After weeks of living off of diet pizzas and kale juice I have been really drooling for something disgusting/delicious. How fortunate that today Alex told me about the "secret menu" and In-N-Out Burger. One thing is true: I love secret things! Elite! On the DL! Hush hush! Though the unadvertised menu items are probably totally DUH to everyone else out here, I certainly had no idea about them the last and only time I went to I-N-O back in June.

I ordered a hamburger protein style, a patty wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, and french fries animal style, fries with grilled onion and some freaky sauce resembling Russian dressing. Barf/yum! I was mainly attracted to the concept of ordering something animal style - fantastic. I think I will try to blog animal style from now on. Ogga chaka ogga chacka ogga ogga oggaa chacka!

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RG said...

don;t hate the pun! pet stop