Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New York, NY: Pickle Back Blizzard

Michaelmartin and I are driving back to NOLA (via Kentucky!), wrapping up a two week visit to the mothertown. I've had a great time seeing (almost) everyone and did a good job quelling the New York-induced manic episode.

The day after I arrived home I went to meet Lauren, Allegra, and Sasha for a drink an an embarassing UWS bro bar. Just as I took of my coat, I spied a little, wooly thang wiggling from under the table. IT WAS SHRIMP! She surprized me with a weekend in New York. I instantly became verklempt. Always looking to punk yours truely, the well-hidden secret had been in the works for months.

The next night I gave Mikecohen a feel for my home life at the Dizard's annual holiday party. Still waiting for slowass Shrimp to send me the pictures. Homie and I left at 5:30am and the party was still roaring!

Mikecohen and I went to the Giants vs Eagles game, Heather and I returned to the banya and enjoyed several sleepovers, we paid our final respects to Maxfish - set to close at the end of January. RIP. Pete came to NYC! Sandra had a housewarming party! Erin and I met for gimlets! I caught Felipe and Jordan and Daniela and Austin in one freezing night. Long lost Lina returned for our THIRTEENTH year at Walkers (she got the Happy Birthday - ha!).

We went out after Walkers when Lauren was treated to a smack in the head when an overly ambitious member of FDNY tried to pick her up and throw her on a pool table.

Lauren and I spent Chrismas Night at Dorrian's and were driving home at dawn by a doctor. Sandra, Lauren and I survived the blizzard at Claire's bar then treked to Brooklyn in the apocalyptic storm in the middle of the night.

It's sunny today and now the snow is slush. I love you, New York but I am ready for you, New Orleans.

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