Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lexington, KY: Halfway There

"click to enlarge!"

MM collected me and Lula this slushy mid-morning. We made a quick stop to collect some cargo from friends at the UES outpost of Fair Folks + a Goat to transport to its NOLA sister (nothing nefarious really - just a few prints and a funky chair). After limited luggage shimming, we headed west. Most of the daylight drive was pretty zzzz - I'm not not charmed by the bucolic landscape of the Pennsylvania Dutch - seen it! Into the evening, however, we hit novel states: first West Virginia! next Kentucky! My co-pilot and I stopped once for "pan Asian" dinner in WVU's hilly Morgantown. We then slogged across the rest of the winding Appalachians to the motel in Lexington.

Tomorrow, southward ho!

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