Monday, May 26, 2008

Annother Saturday Comes and Goes

Without pictures, it's hard to illustrate Saturday to its full potential but it deserves an honorable mention.

I went with Kasia, Daniela, and some of Kasia's friends to see the Oakland Athletics play the Red Sox. There was an astounding number of Boston fans in attendance - primarily of the variety epitomized by House of Pain.
Note: heckling the opponent on his home turf with accusations of steroid use is not considered kosher among baseball fans. Go figure.

After a rowdy train ride back into the city Daniela and I made a quick stop to hang out downtown with Bill, an errant hippie with an expensive hotel habit. Laura briefly met us to close out the 500 Club and we hitch hiked over to the artist co-op. We learned a lot about people from their domain names; and I about the most romantic note in the world: the Schumann resonance.

Sunday was all zzzz.

1 comment:

Daniela said...

Best day ever!! A few nice quotes:

A) "Do you have more beers in your cargo pants?"

B) "This is like a douche submarine."

C) "I'm not big enough for the SFPD to come after me."

D) "When was the last time YOU saw a tiger?"