Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Show Must Go On

Last night I performed my Bearded Lady number again at our Stage Werx show. At first I was really disappointed because I messed up a part of the routine and had to improvise the entire middle portion of the song. I didn't do my best. Seeing Laura and Katie in the audience made me feel better - and guzzling margaritas with them afterwards made me feel great. My two ASGFs stayed for the whole show (the are in senior thesis crunch time) and even left with a pair of tassels each. We went to a corny Mexican bar that was featuring renditions of bastardized Shakira karaoke. We did not sing.

On account of the prep time commanded by their senior show and also all of the fun things to do this weekend we decided to cancel our Synchro de Mayo trip. While I am sad about this I am really looking forward to spending the weekend in the city with Lauren.

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