Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boy With the Most Cake (A Labor of Love)

Here I reveal to you the secret project I had been chained to all last week: a giant birthday to jump out of at Phillip's surprise party.

The idea came to me a couple months back but only until last week did it manifest into the craft project from hell. Laura and I started building it at Stich 'n' Bitch on Tuesday night. It required several subsequent S'n'Bs which continued until about 5pm Friday night. The main challenge was creating a structure behind the thin wall of mattress pad foam (these embryonic stages are documented somewhere on Laura's camera - it isn't pretty.) We found that a taped cardboard skeleton served as the best foundation possible. Once we glued the foam to the ribs the cake started to take shape. I used fabric and ribbons from Scrap for the icing, topped with a fatal coat of spray glitter. Pipe cleaners became candles and the rest is history.

Cakemobile; Lauren made the cupcake bra for my Big Jump during her visit to SF

It was quite a scene driving from Cake and Laura's house to El Rio with the entire passenger side of the car blind spotted by the epic pastry.


Ralph said...

Dudette, when is the follow-up to this party aka the LAN party?

RG said...

that bra is pure talent