Monday, May 19, 2008

Washington, DC: Convention Time

Phewph. It's been a while - but I'm not without worthy excuses!

My night of fun with Daniela and Erin was put on last Wednesday night on account of an emergency root canal (my second, for those of you who recall my best Argentine souvenir: a whitest of white dental implant!! eww/oww!)

Early Thursday morning my boss and I left for DC for the union's National Convention. On top of all of the prep work that goes into this long weekend, the whole event is quite exhausting - compounded by the fact that our 7AM start times felt much earlier for those of us traveling from the west coast. I was fortunate to room with one of the organizers from our Puerto Rico chapter who brought me up to speed on all of the chismoso labor politics on the island. Another highlight was seeing Andy Stern speak at the closing of the convention. Lovehim-hatehim, he is still a moving orator and I get totally starstruck by labor movement celebrities!

Dennis Rivera addressing the assembly; impromptu Bhangra (I felt like I was at WSH)!

NM presentation; Andy Stern with the E-Board

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