Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washington, DC: Ruby Wins!!!! (sort of)

GUESS WHAT?!? Just as I was blubbering on about wanting to get my glitter back I got an email from the organizers of Tease-O-Rama 2008 notifying me (who me?!?) that I was selected to perform la Frida at the opening night, "Meet and Mingle Dance Party and Showcase" at the Rickshaw Stop on Thursday, October 2nd. Though Thursday night is not the most coveted spot (the "burlesque celebrities" perform on Friday and Saturday) I could not be more excited/proud/hoot-hooting because there were a record number of applications this year. To boot there are a minimum of slots because Zumanity is also taking up a chunk of showtime.


I still have to kick my act up a notch in both the dance and glitter department but it is a welcomed challenge.

Above are photos from our photo shoot at Miss Exotic World in Las Vegas. Photo credits to Randy Johnson. I am wearing a vintage silk dressing gown that belonged to Living Legend+TOR'08 performer Satan's Angel (on loan from Lady Borgia).

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