Saturday, August 9, 2008

Burlesque Birthdays//Getting My Glitter Back

Sigh, since I've been back from Cuba I haven't been feeling like my showgirl self, not to mention that I have been on the road a lot (NM, NY, now DC).

Nothing like Homeland Security to suck the sparkle outta ya!

Anyhow, this past week I had the lovely opportunity of celebrating the birthdays of two fabulous women in my troupe. Thursday night at Zeitgeist to fete Tiffany aka Milkshake with cold women and warm beer. Then Friday at Epic Roasthouse on the Embarcadero for Heather aka Tiger Von Claus's posh affair with an excess of local TV and radio personalities - she's in the "biz."

Spending time with my fellow performers, many of whom I have not seen in over a month, has reinspirited me to get working on a new number - as the fact stands that I haven't even booked booked a show for August. I haven't taken a class from Betty in a few months so I should get on that too. Seriously, it's only been a few months since my debut so there is really no excuse for crying BURNOUT(!) Life just gets in the way but enough is enough.

Mamma M'bola; RF and Milkshake

Pretty Toni (My Antonia); kiss kiss Laura

Sneak a Peek Sally, RF, Randy Johnson, Sassy Hotbuns; RF goes all vintage ala Albuquerque

The roast of Tiger Von Claus; Sassy, Betty, and Larry

RF+Sally; Sally and her favorite TV personality (the channel 2 weather guy?)

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Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

A party so sassy that Ben Fong-Torres (!) covers it in the Chronical:

"DOCTOR DOCTOR: There wasn't much going on on 8-8-08, except for some sports stuff over in China, so Heather Hamann, producer of Dr. Dean Edell's syndicated show (heard weekdays on KGO), threw herself a birthday party (with help from her parents) on the deck of the Epic Roasthouse, Jan Birnbaum's hot spot on the Embarcadero. Friends and colleagues included Jack Swanson, PD of KGO and KSFO, KGO's Trish Robbins and Kevin "the Rat" Radich, KCBS traffic anchor Kim Wonderley, KTVU's Sal Castaneda, Jodi Applegate (co-host of "Good Day New York"), and Daphne Brogdon, her predecessor as Edell's producer; now host of TV Guide Channel's "The Fashion Team."

Hamann chose to celebrate her birthday on a date filled with 8's, a number the Chinese consider a sign of good fortune. "The last two numbers of my birth year add up to eight," she said. (Hamann still looks like she's in her 30s.) She's also enjoying an expanded, on-air role on Edell's show, after nine years screening calls. "During commercials we laugh a lot, and he thought maybe listeners would enjoy that," said Hamann, who's done DJ and traffic work on KOME in San Jose, KYLD ("Wild") and KSAN ("The Bone").

It's pretty unusual for a talk show host to put his producer on the air, said Edell, who drove down from his home in Mendocino to attend the party. "I get to hear Heather in my headphones all the time, and some of the best stuff happens off the air. I thought it was crazy not to share this."

Now, stuff also happens on the air. Recently, after getting thanks from a caller for some "life-saving advice," Edell said that - so far - no one had ever called to say he ruined their life. Said Hamann: "Dead listeners don't complain." "