Saturday, August 16, 2008

Frida Be You and Me

After several near misses I finally made it to the Frida look-alike auditions (thanks to a heads up from Tiffany) for a show at the SFMOMA to coincide with the end oh her exhibit there. I decided to go with a literal interpretation of her 1941 Yo y Mis Pericos - fortunately trusty ole Party City, Daly CIty now boasts four different types of parrots in its inventory (mainly in the Pirate and Tropical Luau sections).

When I arrived for my audition there were a handful of other Fridas awaiting an interview. I had my camera on hand to snap some pictures but none were too friendly. I did exchange info with the photographer so hopefully I an post those too as there were several wonderful impersonators. I had a long conversation with the director during my turn, mainly about his vision for the show and how I might fit into it. I think it went well but I can't be too sure. Stay tuned!

Here is the inspiration followed by my interpretation:

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