Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Venice, LA: Extreme Points

Mikecohen, Lu, and I took an adventure trip to the gulf last Tuesday to collect dirt and water samples for his next installation. We followed LA-23 south until its abrupt finish at THE SOUTHERNMOST POINT IN LOUISIANA in Port Eads - a very satisfying milestone!! The end of the earth felt rightfully ominous. We encountered no humans or other animals. The only allusion to life, between the sun-bleached litter and rusted shrimp boats, was the distant industrial noise of jobs/corporate plunder through the wind. Spooky!

We ate po' boys dressed "all the way" at the only restaurant in Venice and stopped in Port Sulphur for samples on the drive home. Here homeboy waded ankle deep in the Mississippi during a thunderstorm to dig up the good stuff. More soggy dirt sampling throughout the city followed, though less noteworthy on account of the monotony of the task.

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