Tuesday, November 16, 2010


FRIENDSGIVING rapidly approaches!

Dine, Michaelmartin, and I hatched the idea for a pre-Thanksgiving friend feast one night back in September (who could have coined such a tender term??). We have been so busy with school (me), work (Deedee), projects (MM), etc that we only sat down to talk about it last Sunday. I was pretty sure we had already worked out most of the details as I had been saving the "frenzzzzgiving" memo on my blackberry from the night of its inception. However, when I went to retrieve it, I found we had only gotten so far:

- firecrackers
- portraits
- buttered run (sp)/ginger tea
- crazyass dishes

Darn. Back to the drawing board!

We soon drew up a list of 25+ homies and crafted our plan to accommodate so many guests: a banquet table of three shotgun doors on top of saw horses (so neighborhood typical in so many ways). Michaelmartin and MichaelMarshMallow, hosts, will supply mulled wine, the house cocktail, and pumpkin curry. Dine and Emily are making savory dishes. Everyone else is bringing everything else - though let it be known that this is NOT a potluck. This is a coordinated effort. H8 potlucks. I, perhaps over ambitiously, in a homework and applications-induced moment of insanity, volunteered myself and Mikecohen to make zee turkey. I am kind of freaked out about roasting a 25 pound turkey but am up for the challenge so long as I can make it through the week (first final exam: tomorrow). I am also excited to buy the bird via EBT!

My first three months in the new city have been really wonderful. I couldn't have imagined a more seamless transition from the SFlovefest. Bongo dinners at Treat Ave were a defining and most treasured feature of my San Francisco life. I can't be more pleased to continue the tradition in my new home.

Thanksgiving = genocide

Friendsgiving = genophilia

See you there!

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