Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Product Review: KOKO NTUEN SS 2010

Back in my Bed Stuy days I shared an apartment with two wildly creative wild and creative women. Allison and Koko were always juggling several projects at once, one of which included my cameo in a poop stool commercial. I'm thrilled to see Koko, now Founder/EIC of LADY GUNN Magazine, launch the first collection of her self-titled clothing line. The summery debut is patterned after the best of 1970s silhouettes - but cut from vibrant Nigerian cotton prints. Her dresses beg for a loud, sweaty July Sunday at Habana Outpost. Clicking through the lookbook, it's hard to imagine a frozen New York right now. This is the wardrobe for a mid-winter daydream of warmer months ahead.

I was super psyched to get my hands on Koko's stuff. In addition a reluctant penchant for whiskey and habañeros, my best friend Shrimp has bequeathed me a fondness for West African textiles (she's been swaddling herself in the stuff since her North African birth). I deliberated for some time on which piece to make my own; it isn't hard to envision a crucial scenario for every single item, especially for a New Orleans-bound San Franciscan. In the end, the Ud Romper in Marine Yellow was the clear choice. It best fit my look and lifestyle: hates bras, pallid skin, too lazy for separates, anti-LHB aesthetic.

I tried on the romper as soon as the package arrived, if only around the house on account of the rain. It looks just like the images on the website. The fabric has a nice weight to it. I'll have to get back to you on its structural reliability. Main concern: the strapless factor. To my delight, Koko included a few treats in her shipment: a NY Lotto card (I won $2!), a mix CD, a few sweet notes, and a pristine issue of an AUGUST 1994 BEVIS AND BUTTHEAD COMIC (!!!!!). This addition made my day in a major way - this was the Golden Year that informs my every frame of reference. DROOL!

Samantha Given-Dennis graciously took the following photos. I think it was a pity gesture after she found me in the living room wearing a gold Hannibal Lecter mask, trying to take a picture with my laptop rigged to the sofa cushions. I'll take what I can get!

Worn with 'model's' own belt, necklace, gold muzzle

Excellent fit - size L :( !!!

(NOTE: Laura and I proudly dug this mask out of the bottom of the costume bin at a drag queen's garage sale on 19th and Guererro last spring. My face is totally tingling with psychosomatic acne right now.)


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