Thursday, December 24, 2009

New York: NY: New Yack City, Holiday Edition

It feels great - and seamless - to be home! I've been here for a week now and am almost caught up on time time difference. So far it's been an endless string of lunches, dinners, and drinks with some very dear friends. The only drawback is the weather: there was a blizzard on Saturday night. When I teetered out of Sasha's in open toe heels at 6am on Sunday the streets had yet to be plowed and there wasn't a cab in sight. Now it's either banked or has melted into slush - but still brrrrrrr!!!

I've been relying on friends to take photos (Claire!!!) on account of shitty camera but here are some vids we made for Shrimp's birthday at the Warhol-themed Christmas party. One caveat: the camera didn't roll until around 3:30 so some of us are really feeling the hour.

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