Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tokyo, Japan: Better Late Than Never

Outside festival outside of Yasukuni-Jinja; traditional/modern life

Obama candies?/peace cranes at a Buddhist shine in Ueno Park

Ueno Park

Buddhist shine on January 2nd; no karaoke at Uneo Park

Akihabara; Hachiko landmark Shibuya Station in our neighborhood

The Emperor and Imperial Family at the Imperial Palace for their annual appearance

A strange religious gathering on New Years Day

Large Buddhist temple grounds on New Year's Day


Tsukiji Market

Harajuku teenagers

Line outside of A Bathing Ape

Prada Aoyama designed by Herzog & de Meuron

Maid Cafe

Shibuya at night

Piano Bar

Roppongi with Mr. Takara

Phillip ate a fish eye/brain

I have been back from Japan and back to normal life for three weeks now and it gets harder and harder to fill this post (which has been in "save draft" for many days) with all of the notes and observations from our rich trip. Let me just put these pictures up now and revisit the commentary (specifically around nationalism and fashion!) at a future date when time and attention permit.

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