Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Night Action

Katie, Peter, Dierdre, and I biked to Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park to see the SF Bay Bombers compete against the Orlando Thunder for a local roller derby title. The competition was a brutal struggle for glory with frequent outbreaks of fist fighting and ponytail yanking. Our fellow spectators were mostly families and hardcore Bombers fans but there was also a smattering of young people and geriatrics.

How naive was I to think that I could soon take this up for a hobby! GET REAL! Those barbarians would take me out in the first lap. I admit that the authenticity of the violence is somewhat contestable (Katie and I say the pain is bona fide; Dierdre and Peter cry WWF). However the fact that the sport commands the use of ass pads speaks to the endless possibilities for physical and psychological suffering - least I not forget the unsuccessful efforts in Coney Island.

I apologize to all three of you readers for the lack of posts lately. Work has been keeping me busy (contract negotiations! hostile inter-union fighting!) and my social life hasn't consisted of much more than dinner parties and watching Peter's DVD collection (ah, the single life!). I also joined a reading group for radical women. All of this has left me with little time and little content to report.



Heather said...

Roller derby is no joke. there's always a smattering of hipsters who find it funny but the injury level is fucking HIGH. i also appreciate the sport's melissa ethridgy lesbian from Ohio edge. and i have fond memories of roller derby from Clarissa (anyone remember Sam's mom?"

just a thought.

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

what are you tawking about???