Monday, November 2, 2009


Last night Lar, Andy from the Yes Men, and Antonia Juhasz from the Global Exchange Chevron Program lead a feisty parade of several hundred against Chevron. We started at the Roxie Theater after a showing of the Yes Men Fix the World (I can't believe I mixed up the times and missed it!) and marched to the Chevron at Market and 17th. Minions towing Survivaballs led the living dead and "Clean Up Chevron" sweepers up 16th street to the center of the Castro, halting traffic and Sunday night listlessness. The action highlighted Chevron's human and environmental rights abuses across the globe and in our backyard, with a heavy emphasis on what's going on locally to organize around it. It was fun too - Rock the Bike provided the pedal-powered sound system that carried the action into a Castro-esque dance party.


clean up chevron and survivaballs taking to the streets

lar and andy bichlbaum from the yes men

kevin and megan get funky; stay castro!

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