Monday, August 17, 2009

Napa, CA: Barnburner 2009

This past weekend Ben, Pete, Lula, and took a ride up to Napa for fellow alumnus Bronson Johnson's annual BARNBURNER party at his cabin beneath the redwoods. The weekend had sort of a high brow/low brow 1920s theme with women in flapperqesue dresses and men in hobo suits. I brought a headpiece but was feeling too bashful/itchy/cold/lazy to sport the fringe dress - CAN YOU BELIEVE I WAS THE LEAST COSTUMED OF THE LOT?! It was a strange sensation to be the plain clothes cop among a crowd of accoutred ladies and gents. It was also relaxing.

We arrived and set up camp amid the brambles then joined the group of 30 or 40 partygoers for dinner outside of the cabin. Upon nightfall Devine's Jug Band took stage for some Americana tunes (see vid below). A cabaret troupe performed some numbers. The hostesses served whoopie pies (I later caught Lula face deep in the leftovers atop the dining room table!). We started seeing stars and got that's-my-hat-funky around the bonfire. We also spent some quality time in the Sponge Bob bouncy castle that was not at all out of place in such a scenic location (see vid below).

The next day the lot of us brunched at Alexis Baking Company (delicious!) in downtown Napa.

tents in the brambles

homemade whoopie pies

cabaret act; best hobo

7duncan; bonfire

that's my hat; bouncy castle

Here is a youtube vid of the bouncy castle (FAIL):

And some sweet tunes from Devine's (Meredith!!! DROOL!):

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