Friday, February 6, 2009

Anything for Aht

I huffed and puffed super fast on my bike in heels, garters, and fake lashes to meet Pete, Andy and Aaron at the SFMOMA for free beer night but by the time we got there it was packed. Pete and I sipped some cocktails at the brand-new Blood Hound (not dive-y enough for my taste but sweet enough) before schlepping around SOMA.

We met Bill and partner at SOMArt's gallery opening for Hibridity, curated by Rio Yanez, son and pal of Rene, with whom I did the Frida show (and GGP shoot!). It was great to catch up with Rene for a second to pick his brain about his plans for the upcoming Warhol exhibit at the de Young. He is planning something similar to the Frida show and I am trying to weasel my way into the project.

We took Bill's car back to 111 Minna for the much anticipated Pin it Up, Babycakes opening extravaganza. I have been waiting for this event for a whole year! The show is a joint effort between two of my burlesque friends, Sweet M'Alice (Alice Stribling) and Tinky Sparkle (Jessica Whiteside), for whom I have posed in the past (note: stripping in front of a rowdy audience is a lot less awkward then standing sweaty in skivvies alone in front of a babe-artist). When we got there around ten the place was packed! Kitten on the Keys MCed the performances with Tres Fromaqique cabaret band and several acts. Pete and I arrived just in time to see Betty perform. Always drool-worthy. I was able to catch up with a ton of dear faces - it seemed like every burlesque friend was there in full effect. I miss that crowd! We stayed until we ran out of drink money and I ate about seven cupcakes. The show will be up for a while - I recommend checking it out! Plus Minna has a cheapass happy hour.

We hit up Amnesia then Pete had to go to bed and I convinced my room mates to drive me back down to SOMA to boogie with Megan and Kevin and Shern.

SOMArts Hibridity opening

Kill Bill; Rio+Rene

Robber of the arts!

Rene's project - next step, Linda and Ruby extra large!

111 Minna; Alice Stribling herself

Ruby+Heather; Frank Chu is EVERYWHERE

Kitten on the Keys merch; Tiff+Ruby

Tres Fromagique

Tink and Holly

Kitten on the Keys plus Betty

Ruby+Holly; Siah+Milkshake

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Tink said...

Thanks for the review doll! So glad you could make it! Miss you! :)